Rhode Island taxpayers have contributed an enormous sum to wage a war that most of us know nothing about. The systems our state established to protect children have instead subjected many to danger and trauma that will profoundly shape the rest of their lives. Who will help to build public awareness and political consensus to protect children from those who prey on them or who profit from their abuse? How should government respond in ways that are transparent and accountable?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Our Goals for 2010

Did Lise Iwon fail in her responsibilities as guardian ad litem in this case? I believe she did. I summarized and documented some of my reasons for this belief in last week’s post.

Whether she did this for cash, cabal, creed, or all three, one thing is certain: A system that sacrifices children so cavalierly will not be reformed without the best efforts of us all, progressives and conservatives alike. All of us must work together to stop the legal stratagems that hurt vulnerable children at DCYF and Rhode Island’s Family Court.

The Parenting Project’s goals for 2010 include these:

1. to require Rhode Island’s Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) to become publicly accountable under accepted professional standards established by the Council on Accreditation (COA);

2. to persuade the Rhode Island Supreme Court to take steps that assure appropriate standards for lawyers, clinicians, and other professionals involved in custody cases, especially where there have been indications of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and coercive control;

3. to prohibit the use of “parental alienation” and other unscientific forms of forensic psychology in making child custody decisions.


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About the Author & Purpose

Parenting Project is a volunteer community service provided since 1996 by Mathewson Street United Methodist Church, Providence, RI, to focus on the needs of children at risk in Family Court custody cases. The coordinator, Anne Grant, is a retired United Methodist minister and former executive director of Rhode Island's largest shelter and service agency for battered women and their children. We research and write about official actions that endanger children and the parents who are trying to protect them. Our goal is to reform this area of government and to establish an effective, transparent and accountable child protective system.

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About "Parental Alienation"

If you are not familiar with Richard Gardner's theory of "parental alienation" and how it is being used in custody courts, scroll down to the earliest posting, "Junk Science in Custody Courts." For more scholarly research, visit  http://www.leadershipcouncil.org/1/pas/1.html

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